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When Stuff Is Not Enough

A new book of poems from Sepiessa Press features Michael G. West’s zen-influenced explorations into rhythm, image and idea. Renderings of Asian poetry, new haiku, some presented  in narrative and thematic sequences and longer, more discursive expressions fill the book with texture and light. Available on Amazon in Kindle or print format, this limited print run can also be obtained directly from the poet.

Some reviews:

“This is a memorable and original collection of poems from poet/author: Michael G. West.  I was initially drawn to this book by the beautifully designed cover and intriguing title. A collection that spans the gamut of life’s experiences, as seen through the eyes of the author. Evocative, at times haunting, many brought a smile to my face too.”

  • Geraldine Helen Hartman, author of the Haiku Reflections series


“This collection… compact, but not like a little car at all, more like the most expensive Ferrari that whisks you away so fast you grip the leather of your seat as you enter a realm where “being” is served up with rarely combined ingredients concocted into revelation to leave you wishing it was as long as “The Goldfinch”. It felt like a consummation of tiny gourmet treats snatched from a drive through dream window for a trip you never planned. I think this is his best yet. I waited a full 12 hours to approach sharing my experience as, I needed to dwell in the absolute admiration of his literary architecture, grounded by the essence that you’d stalk for a Pulitzer, hard core current American life.”

  • Lightwright

BURN: A Year-Round Place To Die For

Winter doldrums? Escaping to somewhere warm? Need a book to take along to pass the time?

Consider my latest thriller –

BURN: A Year-Round Place To Die For.

from Holly Nadler’s review in the MV Times: “…the drama and the action just keep comin’ atcha…unputdownable….”

Available on Amazon in print or Kindle digital editions or directly from me, signed. All sales proceeds will go to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Get it? BURN? Okay…

You also can find it at the Bunch of Grapes under its original title [ROOFS: A Year-Round Place to Die].