The Mystery Thrillers

FiveThrillersSepiessa Press first published fiction in 2013 with Dutch Reckoning, the story of the Butler Museum art theft, featuring Tommy Shakespeare. The prequel, a novella of love and crime, Misfit Blues appeared one year later.

A second fiction series soon followed,  the Martha’s Vineyard EcoThriller trilogy, The first  book — XOC – The White Shark Murders — highlighted the insane barbarity of the annual Martha’s Vineyard Shark Tournament. The second in that series — BUZZD – The Bee Kill Conspiracy — also featuring Marine special ops veteran Sam Hill, took on GMOs, pesticides and the plight of honeybees. The final book in the Martha’s Vineyard EcoThriller trilogy, BURN – A Year-round Place to Die For, first appeared in serial form on this website as ROOFS.



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