Special Promotion Pricing for Dutch Reckoning

Dutch Reckoning is available in a special promo pricing at 1.99 today, as a thank you to everyone who responded so positively to my announcement about the new novel.

The digital edition of Dutch Reckoning is part of a pricing promotion on Amazon that runs for about a week. It’s a step promotion, beginning on Wednesday at 1.99, then Thursday at 2.99, Friday 3.99 and so on, until by Monday it will return to its regular price of 6.99.

If you have a Kindle, or an iPhone or iPad, or an Android device with the Kindle app, or if you have a PC and download the app from the Kindle store, you are all set for this promotion.

Dutch Reckoning is the story of how a bodysurfing slacker named Tommy Shakespear, living in Santa Cruz, California, solved the Butler Museum theft and returned the missing paintings. You may have heard of the unsolved art theft in 1990 at the Gardner Museum in Boston. The names have been changed to protect innocent.

I sincerely hope you will take advantage of this promotional offer to read and enjoy Dutch Reckoning. Here’s the link.


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